• Dries Quickly normally with 2-3 hour
  • Wide Range of Colors (14)
  • Stains and Seals floors beautifully and evenly
  • Prepares, Stains, and Seals floors prior to coating with Precision Finishes

Precision Quick Dry Stain is offered in 14 Designer Colors.   To view the colors Click Colors

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Technical Data:
USES: Precision Quick Dry Stain is a semi-transparent finish formulated to provide deep, rich, uniform color to interior floors. All Precision Quick Dry Stain colors can be intermixed to achieve the desired color. Use neutral stain to lighten all colors.

Prior to applying Precision Quick Dry Stain, prepare the floor according to NWFA / NOFMA specifications. Fill all cracks and holes with Precision Full Trowel Wood Filler or Precision Wood Patch. Sand the filled floor with 100 grit sandpaper. Then hand sand the edges using 60 to 80 grit sandpaper. Vacuum the entire floor as well as the adjoining areas. Sanded floors should be tacked with a lint-free cotton cloth dampened with mineral spirits until all dust is removed.

*Low temperature and/or high humidity will retard drying.
Warm the area or allow extra drying time.
The average coverage is 500 square feet per gallon of stain.

MIXING: Shake container well and transfer product to an application container.

APPLICATION: For best results, the room and the product temperature should be between 60ºF and 90ºF during the application and drying. Apply Precision Quick Dry Stain by hand using lint-free cotton cloths. DO NOT flood the floor with stain. Spread stain evenly from wall to wall following the grain of the wood. Wipe up all excess stain with clean cotton cloth, changing cloth as necessary to clean the floor. Wipe a second time with a fresh, clean cloth. Excess stain left on the surface will dry slowly and can cause intercoat adhesion problems.

DRYING TIME AND RECOAT APPLICATION: Allow stain to dry a minimum of 8 hours*, preferably overnight, prior to coating with solvent base finishes. If desired, apply a thin second coat at a coverage rate of approximately 800 square feet per gallon. Allow to penetrate and remove excess material in the same manner as the first coat.

CLEAN UP: Clean up with paint thinner or mineral spirits.

IMPORTANT: Place rags, steel wool and other waste in a sealed water-filled metal container immediately. See cautions and warnings.

Quart 8/Case
Gallon 4/Case

INGREDIENTS: Contains: Diazo dyes, petroleum distillates. DENSITY: 7.0 to7.17 lb/gL
SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 0.870 to 0.877 VOC with HARDENER: 4.6 lb/gl (550 g/L) BOILING POINT: 300ºF to 400ºF SOLID: 37% to 38% VAPOR DENSITY: 4.8 FLASH POINT: 105ºF (40.5ºC) PERCENTILE VOLATILE BY WEIGHT: Approximately 62% to 63% FREEZE / THAW: Stable FLAMMABILITY CLASSIFICATION: NA
STORAGE: Keep away from heat, spark, and open flame.